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The Architera bureau offers a full range of architectural, design and construction services for projects that range from fast-paced and small, all the way to big-scaled, daring and complex endeavors. Our service includes working on new constructions, doing additions or building, infrastructure renovations, site assessment, master planning and major expansions for a variety of sectors including public, cultural, education, non-profit, commercial, restoration and residential construction. One thing to know about our work philosophy is that we incorporate all the necessary elements, adjusting them for all sides of the construction process. That way, at the end of the day everyone stays satisfied. Still first and foremost, we're client-centric...
We know that a majority of projects require a profound amount of engineering to be performed. Our team includes more than 30 experienced construction engineers, who's expertise and skills can assure any project's swift accomplishment! During our years in business we've been implementing numerous revolutionary and daring, industry innovating engineering solutions. We're sure that regardless of your building's complexity or the number of stories to be built, we'll be able to resolve all the engineering enigmas at hand!
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Viexal with the latest technology R & D department that has . The way the living or working space is designed and organized can lay a profound influence on the working or living routine, mood and feel. Our design solutions integrate all the nuances that an interior design must have! We converge the space planning, aesthetic design, easing-edge technologies, sustainability, energy efficiency, lighting, ergonomics, acoustics, brand integration, color, material and furniture. By blending these tools we're able to create healthy environments and enhance performance.
Custom  Design
Architera is New England's leading bureau for skilled landscape architects and landscape designers. Our team specializes in designing residential, commercial and municipal gardens. Landscapes designing is one of our major specializations and we're eager to help you with absolutely any type of landscaping project. Each project we undertake gets customized along with each client's specific needs. We'll be upbringing the landscape and garden design ideas that are unique and that will personally suit you or your company personally. By enhancing the aesthetic aspects of your property while allowing you to still get practical use out of your outdoor spaces - we sway things to a perfect balance...